Artist Interview Projects

Philosophy School of Phish students conduct interviews with artists from the Phish community and write responses that incorporate themes from reading assignments and class discussions.

Curious about the Artist Interview Project assignment? Read this blog post to learn more.

Read the interviews with your favorite artists!

Brian Adams, DeadPhish Orchestra

Christy Articola, Surrender to the Flow

Dan Black, Landland

Brian Bojo, Phifty Two Weeks

Andrew Bryant

Holly Bowling

Michael Boyer, Boyer Art

Isadora Bullock

Sophia Callisto, Music Empowering Women

Paul Camarata, Distilling a Dream & NFL Films Presents: Phish and Russell Wilson

Nicoelle Danielle Cohen, (part 1: Funky B Boutique & Nicoelle Danielle Designs, part 2: Healing Hearts Part 2)

Natalie Cressman, singer/songwriter and trombonist

Adam Davidoff, Outside the Tube Designs (formerly Phish Coins)

Nick DiFabbio

Meredith Durham, Maybe Sew Maybe Knot

Katherine Factor

Mark Filoramo, Contact: The Quest for the Black Circle

Teddi Fuller

David Gallo, David Gallo Design

Andy Greenberg, Runaway Gin: A Tribute to Phish

Mike Hamad, Setlist Schematics

Dawn Jenkins, Phemale-Centrics

Ryan Kerrigan, The Art of Ryan Kerrigan (part 1, part 2, part 3)

Jeff and Rick Kuperman, The Kuperman Brothers

Michael Ryan LawrenceWe’ve Got It Simple and Philly Philms

Jeremy Lebediker, Lebediker Fine Art & Gratefulegos

Tom Marshall, Phish songwriter & lyricist

Pete Mason, PhanArt

AJ Masthay, Masthay Studios

Jamie Lee Meyer

Brett McConnell, Shafty: Portland’s Tribute to Phish

Kelly D. Morris, Be MORE Now

Andrea Nusinov, AZN Pics

Stephen Olker, Stephen Olker Photography

Steph Port, Steph Port Photography

Darren Rodney, Lawn Boys: A Tribute to Phish

Kevin Roper, Pardon Me, Doug: A Tribute to Phish

Chris Sheldon, DeadPhish Orchestra

Rob Sipsky, Shafty: Portland’s Tribute to Phish

Benjamin St. Clair, Pardon Me, Doug: A Tribute to Phish

Marco Walsh, The Mockingbird Foundation & The Phish Companion

Chris Weaver, Distilling a Dream & NFL Films Presents: Phish and Russell Wilson

Chad Weiner, Chum: A Tribute to Phish

David Welker, Welker Studios

Terry Werner, Werner Arts & Designs

Emily Bradbury Whalen, Emily Bradbury Whalen Fine Art

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