Photo by Yaron Marcus

Photo by Yaron Marcus

The Philosophy School of Phish is an experiment in engaged philosophy that will use a variety of venues to facilitate collaborative and experiential learning in the Phish community.

On-going Projects

  1. PHL 360: Philosophy and the Arts: An online, college-level, for-credit course on Phish and Philosophy offered through Oregon State University’s Ecampus
  2. The Artist Interview Project: Interviews with artists from the Phish community, conducted by Philosophy School of Phish Students
  3. “Chalkdust without the Torture: Making Philosophy Rock”: A video essay to be published in the Public Philosophy Journal. The publication will feature video footage taken by Dr. Jenkins’ philosophy students during a class field trip to attend three Phish concerts at the Gorge Amphitheatre. Together, Dr. Jenkins and filmmaker Kelly Morris will explore alternative formats for presenting philosophical ideas to the broader public.

Previous Projects

2014 Phish Summer Tour

While teaching PHL 360, Dr. Jenkins followed the 2014 Phish Summer Tour while doing philosophy, facilitating discussions, and make educational materials publicly available to the Phish community.

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