Phish Studies Podcasts

Philosophy of Phish” (Rock School Radio Show, 7/29/18)

“Phish Academia with Dr. Stephanie Jenkins & Denise Goldman” (Phemale-Centrics podcast, episode 7, 6/17/18)

Gorge Phish Studies Colloquium (2018)

Colloquium video

Blau, Performance Studies Scholar on Phish & Phandom Handout

Jakus, Show Ratings Handout

Jakus, Post Gorge Show Rating Predictions

 Artist Interview Project (2015-2017)

Complete list of interviews Discussion (2014)


Forum Thread: Welcome & General Inquiries

Forum Thread: School of Phish: The Scholarship of Phish

Dr. Ellis Godard (Lemuria) Blogpost

Scholar Interviews

Dr. Jeanette Bicknell, Why Music Moves Us

Dr. Jnan Blau, “A Phan on Phish”

Dr. D. Robert Dechaine, “Affect and Embodied Understanding in Musical Experience”

Selected Course Materials

Course Announcement Video

Concert Field Notes Assignment

        Meaning of Existence syllabus

Philosophy of Phish: Chalkdust without the Torture

Study Guide: Bicknell

Study Guide: Drabinksi


Social Media

Philosophy School of Phish on Facebook

Philosophy School of Phish on Twitter (@phishedu)

Resources for Academics

Course Syllabus

How to Implement an Interview Assignment

White Paper: Evaluating the Impact of Engaged Philosophy in the Online Classroom

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