Drabinksi Study Guide


Drabinski, “The Everyday Miracle of the Occasional Community”


  • What virtues does Drabinski find in the Dead community?


  • How is the Deadhead scene a space of hope opposed to the excesses of modernity?


  • What rituals does he find in the Deadhead community?


  • What is an occasional community?


  • What are the characteristics of (post)modern life?


  • What does Marcuse mean when he says that Western culture is “one-dimensional”?


  • What “new ethic” do we need to “revive a sense of community, to reconnect across competitive alienation” (32)?  What does ethics (as ethos) mean here?


  • Is the personal and familiar nature of the lot false intimacy?



  • What is the “ethos of compassion” (35)?


  • Do you think the ethos Drabinski identifies in the Dead scene applies to the Phish community as well?  Why or why not?

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