2016 Artist Interview Project Lineup


Photo via AZN Pics

The Philosophy School of Phish course begins on Monday, June 20th and tour begins this week! (Visit the FAQs section for registration information.)

This year’s students will conduct interviews with artists in the Phish community. Based on these discussions, they will compose essays incorporating artists’ interviews with themes from reading assignments and class discussions. The interviews will be published online after the conclusion of the course.

An exciting lineup of artists has volunteered to participate. Thank you for making this assignment possible!!

2016 Philosophy School of Phish Artist Interview Participants

Dan Black, Landland

Michael Boyer, Boyer Art

Paul Camarata, Distilling a Dream & NFL Films Presents: Phish and Russell Wilson

Mike Hamad, Setlist Schematics

Ryan Kerrigan, The Art of Ryan Kerrigan

Michael Ryan Lawerence, We’ve Got It Simple

Jeremy Lebediker, Lebediker Fine Art & Gratefulegos

AJ Masthay, Masthay Studios

Darren Rodney, Lawn Boys: A Tribute to Phish

Jessica Seamans, Landland

Chris Weaver, Distilling a Dream & NFL Films Presents: Phish and Russell Wilson

Marco Walsh, The Mockingbird Foundation & The Phish Companion

David Welker, Welker Studios

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