2017 Artist Interview Project Participants



The Philosophy School of Phish course begins on Friday, June 26th. (Don’t forget to register!)

For the third year in a row, students will complete the term-long Artist Interview Project with artists from the Phish community.

An exciting lineup of artists has volunteered to participate. Thank you for making this assignment possible!!

2017 Philosophy School of Phish Artist Interview Participants

A Live One: Exploring the Music of Phish

Christy Articola, Surrender to the Flow

Andrew Bryant, ADNB Pins

Isadora Bullock, Isadora Bullock Art

Natalie Cressman

Nicoelle Danielle, Nicoelle Danielle Designs

Ryan Kerrigan, The Art of Ryan Kerrigan

David Gallo, David Gallo Design

Kuperman Brothers

Tom Marshall, Under The Scales

Kelly D. Morris, Be MORE Now & the More Project

Want to learn more? Check out the completed interviews and blog posts from previous years.










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