Gorge Phish Studies Colloquium FAQs

Note: Event information is available on the Facebook event page.

Q: Where will the event be held?

In the Gorge Amphitheater Campground. The exact location will be selected after we arrive on site and will be announced on 7/20 via Philosophy School of Phish’s Facebook (@philosophyschoolofphish) and Twitter (@phishedu) feeds.

Q: Will there be shade?
It’s the Gorge. There’s only shade if you bring it! I’ve suggested to my students that they bring umbrellas to use as portable shade. If everyone brings umbrellas, we’ll take some sort of Phish Studies Petrichor photo…

Q: I won’t be at the Gorge. Will the talks be available online?

We are recording the presentations and will make available online after the event.

Q: Will there be a pop quiz?

No. We’ll have the chalk dust, without the torture! (Or rather, the only torture will be self-inflicted… if you forget to bring an umbrella for shade!)

Q: Will there be a Curveball event?

Maybe, if there is interest. Let’s see how things go at the Gorge first! The only rule is it begins!



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