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Join, Dr. Ellis Godard, and the Philosophy School of Phish this Wednesday (7/30) for a discussion about Phish, Philosophy, and community.  Thank you to and Dr. Godard for their collaboration and willingness to host this event!  Please consider joining the conversation.

UPDATE: Bicknell’s publisher pointed out that her book is available online and through academic libraries as a Palgrave Connect ebook.


This week, will host several events in conjunction with, and as part of, PHL360: Philosophy and the Arts at Oregon State University. The course is taught by Assistant Professor of Philosophy and “huge Phish fan” Dr. Stephanie Jenkins, who has nicknamed the course “Philosophy School of Phish.” (See promo video and syllabus.)

Through midnight tonight, enrolled students will be submitting questions to be answered in a Wednesday morning blog post by Ellis Godard (aka “Ellis of Lemuria“) – an Associate Professor of Sociology and Executive Director of the Mockingbird Foundation, who has been involved with since 1991 (and who earned a minor in Philosophy, though perhaps too long ago to be helpful.)

Throughout the day on Wednesday, Drs. Godard and Jenkins will lead discussions about these and other questions in a forum thread (possibly two; they’ll be sticky’d at the top). We welcome the involvement of enrolled students in what we hope they will find to be a vibrant and inviting community. And we hope our forum regulars are ready to step up their rhetorical game and hone their linguistic chops for some serious scholarship about the band, their music, and we fans.

Finally, on Wednesday evening, Dr. Godard will host a Google Hangout session for student, to wrap-up discussion, answer additional questions, and reflect on and students’ experiences here.

The class’ topic for the week is “Community”. Readings include two chapters of Jeanette Bicknell’s Why Music Moves Us, as well as “The Everyday Miracle of the Occasional Community” by John Drabinski, part of Steve Gimbel’s The Grateful Dead and Philosophy: Getting High Minded about Love and Haight. Bicknell’s book ships from the UK and will take weeks, but Drabinki’s chapter is online.

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