Announcing Collaboration with PhanArt


The Philosophy School of Phish is collaborating with PhanArt to offer a unique opportunity for students to actively engage with their philosopical investigations while learning about the Phish community. As part of their coursework, students will conduct interviews with PhanArt and other artists. Based on these discussions, they will write essays incorporating artists’ interviews with themes from reading assignments and class discussions.

An exciting lineup of artists has volunteered to participate. Stayed tuned for details!

The Philosophy School of Phish and PhanArt share a commitment to cultivating public resources for fans. The interviews will be published online and contribute to a public archive for exploring philosophies of art and music in the context of Phish’s music, art, and community.

PHL 360, also known as the Philosophy School of Phish, is a special section of a “Philosophy and the Arts” class at Oregon State University. Using the band as a case study, the course focuses on themes about the nature and significance of art and music. This year’s class begins June 22 and runs for eight weeks. It is a distance education course offered online through Oregon State University Ecampus and enrollment is not limited to Oregon State students. Phish fans from all over the country could participate in the course.

Thank you to PhanArt and the artists who have volunteered their time to make this assignment possible!

Learn more about PhanArt and upcoming events (including the “All in Good Company” Chicago exhibit at 

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