Announcing 2015 Artist Interview Lineup

Two green Phish tickets for Bend shows

Image via Phish on Facebook

The Philosophy School of Phish is in session and tour begins in Oregon next week!

Thanks to a new collaboration with PhanArt, this year’s students will conduct interviews with PhanArt and other artists in the Phish community. Based on these discussions, they will compose essays incorporating artists’ interviews with themes from reading assignments and class discussions. The interviews will be published online at the end of the term.

An exciting lineup of artists has volunteered to participate. Thank you for making this assignment possible!!!

2015 Philosophy School of Phish Artist Interview Participants

Brian Boj, Phifty Two Weeks

Holly Bowling

Chum: A Tribute to Phish

Adam Davidoff, Phish Coins

Meredith Durham, Maybe Sew Maybe Knot

Ryan Kerrigan, The Art of Ryan Kerrigan

The Lawn Boys: A Tribute to Phish

Pete Mason, PhanArt

Andrea Nusinov, AZN Phishpics

Pardon Me, Doug: A Tribute to Phish

Runaway Gin: A Tribute to Phish

Shafty: Portland’s Tribute to Phish

Terry Werner, Werner Arts & Designs

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